Nothing strikes fear into a cell phone or iPhone user faster than a battery gauge that reads 2% or less. But when your battery fails to work at all, you can’t help but be consumed with dread. Your $1000+ device is now a paperweight, thanks to your dead battery.

However, don’t assume that you need to get a new phone when your battery starts going dead or has already died. There are some steps you can take to protect your investment.

What follows is all you need to know about cell phone and iPhone batteries, and how to fix your bad or dead battery problem fast.

If you live in Aventura, Florida, or the surrounding areas, bring your defective battery and phone to MagniFIX, and we’ll have your device up and running in 30 minutes or less, guaranteed.

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Why is Your Phone’s Battery Draining So Quickly?

All batteries have a finite life. Your battery may not be keeping a charge simply because it’s old. Most modern mobile phone batteries have an average lifespan of around three or more years.

In some cases, your battery may fail to hold a charge because of a bad internal chip. In iPhones in particular, the U2 IC chip controls the charge of the battery and some phone functions, like the sleep/wake button and USB controls. The chip also regulates the charging power to the power integrated circuitry (IC) that allows your device to hold a charge. When the chip is damaged, the phone can fail to work as it should, including not coming on at all.

How Do You Know if Your Phone’s Battery is Bad?

There are multiple indications that your phone battery is not fully operational. Your phone may restart out of nowhere and all on its own, which is frustrating if you’re in the middle of a text or call.

Your phone may find itself on a never-ending loop. And in some cases, you know you have a bad battery when your phone only works properly when the phone is continually plugged in.

Is it Bad to Leave Your Phone Charging All Night?

No. Mobile phones, including the iPhone, have come a long way in recent years, particularly when it comes to their batteries. In the past, leaving your phone plugged in overnight could have become problematic. Over time, the constant charging can damage the cells inside the battery, leading to a shorter life and, eventually, battery failure.

These days, batteries have evolved so that continuous charging is no big deal. Most mobile phones and iPhones use lithium-ion batteries, which can receive 24-hour charging with few or no issues.

How Do You Know if Your Phone is Dying?

In many cases, you have no idea that your phone battery is dying. It’s only when you notice symptoms like an unexplained restart or failure to boot that you might recognize the need for a battery replacement.

On the other hand, there are some things that can make your mobile phone battery die completely and on the spot, like water damage, overheating, overvoltage due to a power surge, or a malfunctioning mobile phone charger. In these cases, your battery may have to be replaced entirely for your phone to regain normal operation.

How Do You Know if Your Phone is Dying

Can a Non-Removable Battery Be Replaced?

Most mobile phone companies like Samsung and Apple design their phones to operate with irreplaceable lithium-ion batteries. The idea is to get you to contact the manufacturer to replace the battery if it ever goes bad. Doing so can be expensive.

For those rebels among us, it can leave you wanting to replace the battery all on your own. While there may be video tutorials online that tell you how to open your Android, iPhone, or other brands of mobile phone to replace the battery, we don’t recommend that route. You risk making your phone inoperable, and mobile devices today are far too expensive for experimental surgery.

Instead, we recommend that you bring your phone to MagniFIX for mobile phone and iPhone battery replacement. Not only can we replace your phone battery quickly, as in 30 minutes or less, but we guarantee that your battery will operate like new, and we’ll save you money to boot.

How Can You Stop Your Battery from Draining So Fast?

Many phones today have a power-saving mode that can keep your phone from draining battery power throughout the day. These built-in programs work to turn off things like background images, user experience effects, automatic brightness, and others.

While your phone can have limited operation in this mode, you can sometimes extend your battery life by hours by using this function.

On the other hand, if your battery seems to be draining faster than normal, even in battery saving mode, you could have a problem that demands a total battery replacement.

How Long Does a Dead Phone Battery Take to Charge?

If you drain your battery to 0%, the phone will turn off until the battery is recharged. Plugging the phone in will gradually increase your battery a few percentage points at a time. In most cases, a dead phone battery can take three to four hours to be fully charged.

However, if you keep your phone plugged in, and the battery fails to charge in a few hours or only fills to a maximum of around 75%, a total battery replacement may be in order.

How Long Does a Dead Phone Battery Take to Charge

Can a Completely Dead Phone Battery be Fixed?

If you keep trying to charge your phone and nothing happens, or your phone keeps turning off when you unplug the charger, you could have a dead battery. A dead battery cannot be repaired, in most cases.

Depending on the type of mobile device you use, a lithium-ion battery can hold between 500 and 1500 charges. Once the maximum amount of charges has been reached, the battery capacity will begin to decline until the battery completely fails outright.

Your battery’s lifespan and capacity may vary.

When Should You Replace Your Phone Battery?

At MagniFIX, we recommend that you replace your mobile phone or iPhone battery the moment you notice a power issue, such as the battery capacity draining too fast. You should also switch your battery if charging your phone never brings the capacity above 70%.

If you have an iPhone, your device is guaranteed to work for around 500 battery charges. After that point, a replacement is recommended. Unfortunately, there is no indication on the phone or with the software that tells you how many times you’ve charged your phone. However, there is a way to check up on your battery’s health status.

Go to Settings>Battery and tap on Battery Health. Now you can view the Maximum Capacity of your iPhone battery, which is a measure of your current capacity as compared to when your iPhone battery was brand-new. If you notice a message telling you that your battery power is degraded, you should schedule a battery replacement with MagniFIX at your earliest convenience.

Replace Your Phone Battery

Be Vigilant with Your Mobile Phone Battery the Moment There is a Problem

At MagniFIX, we want you to have a fully functioning mobile phone battery at all times. Not only is a battery that keeps and holds a charge more convenient, but you always want to have a good battery in case of emergencies. For that reason, the moment you notice a problem with your mobile phone battery, bring your device to MagniFIX in Aventura, Florida. We can have your battery replaced quickly while helping you save.

Call now to discuss your battery problem and receive a 90-day repair warranty and $25 off the repair price! Our mobile battery replacement technicians are standing by to take your call.